Washington Traffic Safety Commission

CD/CW: Wyatt Curtiss
AD: Rachel Quast
Producer: Chris Wood


The holidays are a wonderful, if not challenging time for most people. It’s also the time where more drunk and high drivers take to Washington roads. WTSC tapped C+C to develop and execute a campaign targeted to those who are involved in the most DUI collisions and roadway fatalities — male drivers, ages 25-34, who choose to drive within one hour of getting high or drinking three or more drinks, because they’ve done it before and think they can handle it.

Our research said they were motivated by avoiding fines and jail time. Using this as a base, we set out to create a campaign that would remind guys that drunk-you (or stoned-you) makes really bad decisions, the worst of which is driving. So make a plan before you party. This campaign was transcreated for the Spanish speaking community, and featured PR, radio, video, digital and social ads, a bilingual website, and a toolkit for WTSC partners.