Waste Management

CD: Vandy Kindred
AD: Rachel Quast
Illustrator: Caracas Stencil Design


Waste Management wanted to reach out to local Spanish-speaking residents about recycling best practices. It was important that this campaign was created by the community, for the community, so we worked with local Latinx artists to develop poetry, illustrations, and music to elevate these everyday recyclables into works of art.

Ode de la lata
Lata que ya has
quedado vacía,

Después de satisfacer
con comida o bebida,

Un enjuague te hará
quedar limpia,

 para llegar al bote de aquel
que con conciencia recicla.

Ode to the Can
Can that has
already been emptied,

After satisfying
with food or drink,

A rinse will make you
clean again,

To reach the bin of the one who
recycles with conscience.

Ode al papel
Papel que sacrificas
tu blanca pureza.
Eres poema.
Eres dibujo de nietas.
Avión y barquito.
Máscara de princesas.
Papel, me duele reciclarte.
¡Eres infancia de mis nenas!
Pero sé que igual han de gozarte
otras manitas ajenas.

Ode to Paper
Paper you sacrifice
your white purity.
You are a poem.
You are a granddaughter’s drawing.
Paper plane and boat.
A princess’ mask.
Paper, it hurts me to recycle you.
You are my girls’ childhood!
But I know you will be enjoyed
by other little hands.

Ode al plástico
Tu dúctil cuerpo
no merece el basurero. 

Tu suave tacto
no merece el olvido. 

Ven, limpio te guardo
junto a otros reciclados.

Tú cumpliste, y yo
también habré cumplido.

Ode to Plastic
Your malleable body
does not deserve the garbage.

Your soft touch
does not deserve to be forgotten.

Come, I clean and keep you
next to other recyclables.

You’ve accomplished your purpose, and I
will also have accomplished mine.

Ode al reciclaje
tú eres el granito de arena.
Tú envías un mensaje de amor
a generaciones futuras.
En latas y botellas
de plástico limpias,
tú escribes un pacto
de preservación
en papel seco.
Tú empacas siglos de
respeto al planeta
dentro de cada bote de reciclaje.
Tú eres compromiso.

Ode to Recycling
you are the grain of sand.
You send a message of love
to future generations.
In cans and clean
plastic bottles,
you write a pact
of preservation
on dry paper.
You pack centuries of
respect for the planet
inside every recycle bin.
You are commitment.