King County Metro

CD: Vandy Kindred
AD: Rachel Quast
CW: Wyatt Curtiss
Illustrator: Richelle King


Everybody wants to do bus ads for busses, right? While at C+C, I worked with King County Metro on a brand refresh campaign that illustrated the ways in which Metro helps connect communities. The idea of creating love notes from Metro to its riders was brought to life by a collaboration with our multicultural team and a local illustrator.

The cross-culturally relevant campaign was transcreated into Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese, using cultural nuances and touchpoints to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. “Love, Metro” has been embraced by riders as well as Metro employees and management, and is still going strong in social, digital, event and transit channels.

Pretty Metal:
Gold Addy - Public Transit Ad
Silver Addy - Outdoor Board
Silver Addy - Out-of-Home Campaign Board