Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines tapped C+C to help coordinate its “Great American Eclipse Flight,” conducting national media outreach and filling an airliner with national media, scientists (even a NASA Astronaut was on board) and enthusiasts to watch the eclipse from 38,000 feet. I created a branded flight map of the flight route based off of a pilot's rough drawings and some equations from a few hard-working astronomers.

More info on the flight can be found here.

Fancy metal:
PRSA Best in Show award
PRSA Graphic Illustration award


Thankfully my two reference images came with an hour long explanation of how eclipses work, and why our flight pattern would line up with it perfectly. My background in aircraft maintenance didn't hurt either.


The flight went off without a hitch! Fun times and a great views of totality were had by all.


C+C team enjoying the eclipse!